Raft 2

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Are you ready for a thrilling crafting experiment in the middle of the ocean? Raft 2 is a continuation of the famous survival game. It allows you to build various beautiful structures and even full-fledged buildings with one hitch – they will be on the water rather than on the ground. But that only makes things more fascinating! All buildings are a little like a raft. A detailed construction of a castle in the ocean where, in addition to its size, there are many decorative objects is something you can do with your own hands putting in a little time and effort! Interest in construction doesn’t disappear even after several hours of the game, so you have long hours of exploring and crafting ahead!

What exactly can you create to make your life of a sea nomad easier? First of all, you are going to need tools to lead a more comfortable existence and weapons to protect your life. At first, you will only be equip with a hook on a rope that can be thrown into the water to drag out various stuff. These materials can be used to craft more complicated things. Gradually your improvised vessel will be packed with all kinds of handmade miracles, from water-filtering devices to self-invented engines. That’s right, you can equip your raft with an engine, sails, steering wheel and basically turn it into a boat! On a ship like that, it won’t be so scary to wander through the hostile seas anymore.

The game also features a multiplayer where you will meet other ocean nomads just like you. Some of them will be friendly and you can join efforts to find more resources and evolve your floating houses faster. But there will also be pirates that will try and destroy your raft. Don’t let them do that! Take care of protection measures and send them to the sea bottom instead. Or simply run away from the fight on your super fast boat!

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