Raft Chapter 2

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Raft Chapter 2 is yet another survival simulator, but not an ordinary one. The struggle for life will unfold in the middle of the sea. You spawn on a four block raft with a hook, and you must collect all the floating debris, build a raft, and defend against the shark. Look around you – there are barrels swimming by you have to collect. They contain the most resources or even a blueprint! There are also huge islands in the ocean, with fish and birds, as well as animals that you can tame and put on your raft. And yes, there is a shark that will prevent you from sailing freely. If you don’t take measures, it will gnaw your raft and try to catch you off guard. You need need to fight it off with a spear. After a few blows, you can kill and even cook it!

Keep an eye on indicators of health, hunger and thirst. They will eventually drop to zero, and if at least one of them is out, your health bar will gradually decrease, and eventually you will die. To avoid dehydration, you need to make a filter and a glass. Take water from the ocean and pour it into the filter, then wait for some time, and drink from the recycled compartment. It’s easier with food, first you need to make a fishing rod, catch fish and collect wood and the necessary resources to create a mini grill. Once it’s done, you can put pieces of wood under the grill, and fish on top, and wait a while until it’s cooked. This is a very easy way to survive in the early stages of the game.

As you progress and gather more and more resources and blueprints, you will be able to craft rather complicated items. For instance, a radio receiver that will help you discover any islands nearby. There you can find a lot of materials – like trees that can be cut down, berries and fruits that you can gather – but make sure you don’t attract the attention of local predators – lions, wild boards and big birds will try to kill you. And don’t forget to check the area for caves, in which there will be chests with useful stuff. The rarest resources can be found underwater. For instance, by killing the poisonous fugu fish living in island lakes, you can get ammunition for catching animals and a puffer head. There is also an option to play with friends which is always more fun. Enjoy your voyage in Raft Chapter 2!

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