Raft Cheats

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Wanna get a whole new gaming experience playing Raft? Does it seem too hard or, on the contrary, too easy for you? You can configure the difficulty and gain access to some new amazing features using our great Raft cheats! These are certain commands that activate functions normally unavailable in the standard gameplay. Here are just some of the additional capabilities you can enjoy thanks to them.


You know that when a shark attacks, it can severely damage your raft and all the structures that are on it. There is a special cheat that turns off damage to buildings, so you can simply ignore the attacks of sea predators! Besides, you can limit the degree of danger by restricting the enemies either to certain locations or daytime. For instance, they will only respawn in caves and grottos or at night. And if, despite all the perils waiting for you on every step, you still feel like it’s too easy, why don’t you activate the mode of permanent death? In that case, your character will die for good and there will be no checkpoints you can return to. You’ll have to start the game from the very beginning. Let’s agree, that makes things a lot more thrilling!

Are you out of resources? No big deal, just use the cheat that restores 10% of all the wood you have collect while you’re sleeping. You can turn on endless objects and therefore provide yourself with everything you need for a comfortable lifestyle. Or you can simply activate crafting without any materials required. Regardless of what you have in your inventory, you will be able to make any object at any stage of the gameplay. Do hunger and fatigue bother you? Simply deactivate them! As you can see, Raft cheats are an incredible addition to the main set of features that will fascinate every fan of this game. Check them out and see what else is there in store for you!

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