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Sometimes we all need to experience some keen emotions. That’s why many people become so obsessed with extreme activities. However, this isn’t always safe and can end up rather badly for your health and even life. If you want to find out what you are capable of, you can do it without any risk playing the last version of a great survival game called Raft!

You will find yourself amidst a huge expanse of water holding on to a small wooden board. This is your raft and, believe it or not, you can turn it into a cozy home! Fishing out various resources and using them to craft all kinds of tools and things, you will gradually provide yourself with everything you need and take care of your own safety. The ocean is a dangerous place. There are plenty of marine predators around eager to feast on you. The only salvation is your raft, as the predator cannot reach you from it.

But things are not as good as they seem. The shark will constantly and systematically attack your new home. All buildings can be destroyed in a matter of minutes, so you need to defend your raft from the enemy. Every time a shark makes an attack on your floating house, you have to drive it away. From the very beginning, there will always be a shortage of important resources, so you can fight off the shark with a hook and rope. Approach the enemy at a distance of several meters and make a series of throws into the water. That should be enough to scare off the predator. At the later stages of the game, you will be able to create a spear that will make you unreachable for sharp teeth.

Actually, you can occupy the top position in the ocean food chain hunting for all kinds of fishes and marine delicacies on your own! After all, you do need to eat something and it’s better to diversify your diet. The above mentioned spear can be used successfully for bringing fresh fish on your table. You can also grow various fruits and vegetables floating past your raft. Just pull them out of the water and set up a small garden. In a while, your raft will be covered in coconut and banana palms also protecting you from tropical heat! This is only the beginning of the long list of features the last version of this amazing game offers to you. Start discovering them right now!

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