Raft Mobile

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Extraordinary events require extraordinary measures. You were a mere passenger on a cruise ship. But here it is, sinking to the bottom of the ocean, and you seem to be the only person who managed to survive by sheer luck. The only thing holding you on the sea surface is a narrow board and you aren’t sure how long you will be able to keep like that. Don’t panic, Raft mobile will teach you how to stay alive after a shipwreck!

The most important thing to remember playing this game is to actively explore the surrounding area and collect all the resources found in it. This will allow you to create all the items necessary for survival. At first, it will be difficult to get hold of all the needed materials and provide yourself with enough food and fresh water. You will constantly experience the shortage of vital things. But as you expand your water house and craft more and more tools and other handy things, you will find that your life has become much easier! So the real challenge is whether you can survive through these first rough stages of the gameplay or not.

Besides, you don’t have to craft everything. Some things can be pulled out of the ocean with a hook and used right away. To apply them, you need to open the inventory, and then simply drag and drop the item you want to the quick access bar. For example, if you fished out a brazier, you need to move the fish or potatoes to the first slot, then go to the brazier holding the food in your hand, and click on it. Don’t forget to pick up your dinner after a while!

Step by step, you can turn a decrepit piece of wood barely enough to sustain you into a luxurious vessel, nothing short of the ship you were sailing on when the disaster happened! You can build all kinds of instruments and weapons, kitchen utensils and furniture, even some decor to please your eyes. You can even grow trees and flowers on your raft! Furnished like that, you can travel across the seas non-stop and it won’t matter anymore whether you’ll find the land or not. Maybe there is some lush green island waiting for you on the horizon where you can start a new life… Raft Mobile is secretive about this perspective. You’ll have to keep sailing to find that out!

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