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We all love and adore Raft. This is really a brilliant game that we can play for hours. The vast diversity of features and content, a lot of attention to nuances and a high degree of realism make it a full-fledged survival simulator. However, it can become even better with our incredible Raft mods! Mods are additions to the main gameplay that expand its basic functionality. It can take your impressions from the game to a whole new level even if you have already spent dozens of hours and think you know everything about it!

The first category of mods deals with various restrictions. With their help, you can expand your inventory, increase the amount of debris floating by, install more sails and a more powerful engine and so on. There are very convenient options allowing you, say, to plant or harvest everything that is found in your slots at once. This is way faster than clicking on every item separately!

Some are less vital, but will nevertheless simplify your daily routine. For instance, you can install a water wheel that will automatically collect water from the ocean and pour it into purifiers to make it drinkable. Or you can take advantage of a leave composter that allows you to use palm leaves as fuel and fertilizer. A similar machine can also be made to recycle metal parts and tools you aren’t planning to use anymore. And how about an appliance that sucks debris from the sea as you sail and places it right onboard? It can save you a lot of time!

And some mods can really save your life. Such a thing as shark altar will add a special icon to the screen that will go red every time there is another pair of hungry jaws approaching. Another mod allows you to disguise your hero as a shark and forget about safety because the predators won’t be recognizing you as prey! With the help of mods, you will have a sway over the weather (for example, you can remove fog that makes visibility pretty lousy and can get you in trouble) and even the change of night and day (you can deactivate night time altogether and enjoy the warmth of the sun 24/7)!

And let’s not forget about additional content that will make your life on the raft not only easier, but also more comfortable. Mods will give you an ability to craft hundreds of new, previously unavailable items, including tools, gear and furniture! You’ll come across new types of resources, fish and plants. Find out more about what you can do with their help by benefiting from our great Raft mods online!

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