Raft Survival

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Imagine that you survived a shipwreck and are now floating on a small board out in the open sea! The situation is hardly enviable. There is a lot of water around you, but it is salty and not suitable for constant consumption, so you need to find a source of fresh water or remove the salt from the ocean water. Your character has a special scale that needs to be refilled as soon as you feel thirsty. In order to filter the water, you need to make a water purification filter.


This is just one of the many things you can craft in the game. On the left side of the screen, there is a special menu that allows you to create everything you need to survive. Just select the needed item and click the “craft” button. You can also pick the number of objects you want to make. The whole thing resembles the crafting table from Minecraft. After opening the menu, you will see a list. If the item is open for crafting, it will be green. Red items are not yet available, as you don’t have enough resources for them. This option allows you to significantly expand your home. To do this, you will need a lot of boards. First you need to collect the required amount of materials, then take a hammer in your hand and aim it at the edge of the raft. If you have enough wood, the new floor block will turn green. Click on it and it will be installed.

All the resources you require for your endeavors can be found in the ocean around you. Particularly courageous players should be as careful as possible, because a shark swimming nearby will immediately take your life if you venture too close. It is best to use a hook for safe extraction of the necessary items. After you collect all the components you need to create something, you can proceed directly to crafting.

After creating the item, you should install it. How is it done? Select it in your backpack and place it on an empty slot so that the object is in active mode. To understand that the item is functioning as it should, you need to pay attention to its color. In case of the filter, that will mean it works all right and you won’t have a shortage of fresh water. But that’s not all, to use filtered water, we need a container into which you can pour liquid. To do this, we must make a glass, and only then fill it with salty ocean water. Next, we put the container in the distiller, and wait a while until the water is filtered. All these small details make the gameplay very realistic and absorbing. Play Raft Survival online and see for yourself!

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