Raft Unblocked

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Eager to become a great explore and set out into uncharted territories? Wanna experience all the thrills and trials of a rough marine journey? Ready to suffer from the lack of fresh water, live on bare fish and fight hungry sharks with primitive weapons of your own making? The welcome to Raft unblocked, an expanded version of the legendary game that has won the hearts of all adventurous people!

This will be a real battle between a human being and wild nature. You’ll start off with absolutely nothing but a piece of wood and a hook. And of course your unbreakable spirit and ingenuity! A shabby raft like that won’t keep you floating for too long. And the first thing you need to do is to make it a little bigger and firmer. For that, you have to add a few more boards to its construction. Where can you get them? Look around – there is plenty of debris in the water. Just pull the necessary stuff out using that very hook you have in your inventory.

Now we’re talking! Your raft has become larger and you can at least sit or even lie on it. But it’s too early to rest. Your hunger and thirst meters are falling. That means you need to find food and fast. The hook will also serve as a fishing tool. Raw fish isn’t very tasty, but it will do to sustain your existence for a while. Pretty soon, you will be able to make a fire and cook a great dinner! The main problem is fresh water – there is none in the ocean. Well, it’s time for your very first invention – water purifier! It can be crafted in the special menu.

Bit by bit, pulling out various materials and expanding your vessel, you will provide yourself with all kinds of items necessary to fight for your life. And it’s not just a metaphorical expression – you are very far from shore, and the sea is full of sharks. They won’t hesitate to attack your raft and even if they won’t get to you, they can tear off a few boards and break some of the stuff you have made! To avoid that, you need to equip yourself with a spear that can be used to fend off the nagging predators. Day after day, your floating home will get bigger and nicer. You’ll swim into the distance, free and happy, and even the fiercest storms won’t scare you because you know that you can overcome everything!

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