Raft Update

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Have you missed the hardships of raft voyages across a stormy ocean? Meet an updated version of Raft, a game that will send you on a riveting journey where your life will be in your own hands! It will require the maximum application of your managerial and logical abilities and the flexibility of your mind in the face of various difficulties waiting you in the open sea. There are dozens of challenging tasks waiting for you where only patience, strength, and cold reason will allow you to survive!

You will start the game on a wooden board that will serve as your home until you can gather enough materials to make it bigger and safer. The sea is full of debris that must be fished out to create weapons and upgrade your raft. Aim well and throw your hook to collect all sorts of objects that will definitely come in handy. Your mission in Raft is to stay alive for long days relying only on your skills. So don’t take your eyes off the water, watch for every piece that passes by and collect all the garbage that floats near you.

You are going to face a lot of dangers. Surviving in the sea isn’t easy and you can never know in advance when the next problem will arise. You must not only beware of sharks swimming around, but also constantly endure cold, hunger and other dangers. Get food, hunt with the weapons of your creations, and create a place that you could really call your new home!

Raft is a very exciting adventure where everything that surrounds you can both kill you and prolong your life for several more days. The outcome of every trial you come across depend solely on you! Build an empire a marvelous palace middle of the ocean and advance as far as possible, discovering new islands and a huge number of hidden secrets!

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