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We are used to living in comfort and hardly ever face real physical difficulties. When we need something, we can get it at any moment. But sometimes unexpected things happen and we get in a situation where we are totally helpless and there is nobody to give us a hand. We have to take care of our own survival. That’s when we can actually test our willpower and ability to act in critical conditions. If you are ready for a trial like that, that means you are ready to play Raft!

This gripping game will challenge you with a very difficult task – surviving not in the forest, tundra or on a deserted island, but in the raging ocean on a tiny raft. The amount of resources is limited, and the indicators of hunger and thirst are reduced. Moreover, there are plenty of predators swimming in the water. Don’t waste your time and create all the objects necessary to stay alive gradually expanding your wooden refuge. This is the only way to keep your life in this dangerous environment!

At the very beginning, the hero finds himself on a small board, which is the only thing that remained after the recent disaster. Aside from the fact that you are all alone in the middle of the sea, you can die of hunger and cold. Plus your raft is very small and shabby, it’s not a safe thing to entrust your life to. So your first objectives are to get food and build a sturdier structure on the water. You have no other choice since the land is not visible and, most likely, it will never be possible to see.

Your main occupation in the game is the extraction of resources that remained after the sunken ship. They can be found in the surrounding waters. For some you will have to dive deep, so prepare for additional hardships! In order to collect the necessary materials or provision (barrel, boards, plants), you need to rely only on your own strength. Certain things can be obtained with your own hands, for others you should use a hook with a rope, which you have in your inventory from the very start.

To pick up an item, you just need to focus your sight, then click on it and the character will throw a hook at the indicated place on the map. All that remains to do is to pull the rope. Returning to the starting position, the rope will also capture all the things that are in its path. So after a bit of practice, you will be able to scoop up a whole bunch of useful stuff in just one move. Will you be able to survive after the shipwreck and perhaps even make your marine voyage comfortable and fun? We are about to see!

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