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The sea is a mysterious and mesmerizing thing. We love looking at it, hearing the waves splash at the shore and of course feeling the gentle touch of water. But the sea can also be dangerous and brutal. Do you know how many ships still sink despite all the achievements of modern technologies? This is just what happened to the hero of our game. The vessel he was sailing on drowned and it was a miracle that he survived. Now he is drifting far away from land, clinging to a small piece of wood. Is he doomed? Definitely not! Even in such desperate conditions there are still some things you can do to save his life. Are you ready to face all the challenges of being a sea vagabond? Then our amazing Raft games are just what you need!

Survive in the middle of the sea!

Raft is a mix of survival and sandbox where you need to sail through the ocean on an improvised raft constantly expanding and upgrading it with the help of crafting. But where can you get the necessary materials? You are forgetting that the sea is the biggest dumpster on the planet! There is plenty of debris swimming past you. And if you aim the hook you’re holding in your hand well enough, you can pull some of it out. Fish for wooden boards to add them to your raft, drag out leftovers from your ship and keep your eyes open for anything edible. After all, this is a survival game, so you need to eat and drink on time. If you skip dinner too often, your hunger meter will fall drastically and you will find yourself too weak to go on!

Once you collect enough resources, you can try and craft something in the special menu. The whole process is very simple, you just have to pull the needed materials into the box and press the button. You can craft any item from the list if you have a sufficient amount of resources in your inventory. The range of things you can create is very wide. Aside from basic tools and weapons, you can also improve your living conditions with a few pieces of furniture and invent devices of various complexity. For instance, you can make sails and even put together an engine that will allow you to move faster!

Turn your raft into a luxurious boat!

Over time, you won’t recognize your raft. It will turn into a real floating home! You can add several more floors, furnish the rooms with style, even plants coconuts and bananas. Imagine how nice it will be to sit in the shadow of lush palms and fry freshly caught fish on a self-made grill! That it, until a shark attacks. There are lots of them nearby and you can never know when this hungry predator will make another move. So you need to stay alert and be ready to fend off the aggression. For starters, a spear will do, but later on you will also be able to craft something more powerful – say, a gun!

Sharks are not the only creatures you have to be afraid of. If you are enjoying your voyage in multiplayer mode, you might find some other players rather hostile. There is no confidence that another raft you’ll see on the horizon won’t try to drown you. So even if you are a peaceful wanderer, it’s better for you to equip your boat with some means of defense. Learn more about Raft games and have fun exploring the vastness of the ocean on our site!

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